The salon offers a full list of hair services such as relaxing , colouring, cutting, custom wigmaking, and healthy hair maintenance treatments for natural and relaxed hair.


We offer gentle and detailed haircare services specifically for natural hair. Out techniques and products are designed to promote the nurturing of healthy hair and put you on the path to getting the hair you desire.

We also offer conditioning moisture and protein treatments, and a range of styling options and low manipulation protective styles to help clients maintain their hair better. Some of these include 2-strand twists, flat twists, goddess braids, corn rows, didi and updo styles


Our stylists are technically trained to understand the science of hair and the structural changes products such as relaxer and colour can have on the hair. With this knowledge we can skillfully handle your hair in a way that minimises breakage and retains the health and fullness of the hair. We offer services such as relaxers, texlax, and general hair maintenance for chemically processed hair.


The wedding day is every woman’s dream. And the way her hair looks is definitely one of the most important factors of this special day. With this in mind, we offer a bridal service which is customised to each bride. Through a detailed consultation process the right look and style is designed for the bride to ensure she looks perfect on such a precious day. Our team of stylists are able to travel to most locations necessary to serve our brides.


Our wigs have definitely made their mark as a leading brand in Nigeria. We give clients the option of making their wig dreams come true by building the exact look that they want. Clients can also chose to recreate any style from our lookbook. Our wigs are comfortable, durable and secure.

We offer a range of premium hand selected virgin hairs in different textures which blend seamlessly with real hair. Suitable to be used for a sew in or clip ins or can be used in construction of custom wigs

Our lace closures and lace frontals are made using high quality thin lace making them almost undetectable. They are hand knotted to give the illusion of a natural hairline. We also customise them and tint the lace to ensure that it blends perfectly with the clients skin tone.


Education has always been one of our core services. We believe in equipping clients with the knowledge needed to understand their own hair and take an active part in their hair journey

We offer 1-1 consultation and coaching services which can be either in person or carried out virtually. So distance is not a barrier to us helping you to break the code to your healthy hair care journey

We also train stylists looking to improve or update their skills. We have a range of courses which can be seen on our education page.

For new stylists, we run a 6 month apprentice programme.


Begin the journey to the hair you desire.
1. Detailed 45 minute video discussion and questionnaire to help you understand your hair type and its qualities.
2. Examination of current practices, tools and techniques.
3. Creation or adjustment of regime suitable to hair type and life style.
4. Product recommendation for specific results.
5. Set hair goals and action points.
6. Hair journal template.
7. Q&A
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