8 Reasons your Natural Hair is Not Growing

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8 Reasons your Natural Hair is not growing

Do you often worry that your hair has stopped growing because it has been at the same length for a long while? 

The average hair growth rate is about half an inch every month, that is you get about six inches of new hair growth every year, this might not apply to all due to factors like genetics and lifestyle choices. Your strands are constantly in a growth cycle so unless you have a medical issue that does not allow your follicles to produce new hair or causes hair loss, your hair strands are always growing. Worrying about your hair length is normal especially if you are doing so much: constantly trying out new products, watching multiple YouTube videos yet your hair does not seem to be growing.

In many cases, it is not that your hair is not growing, but that the length you get from growth is not being retained. In other words, as your hair is growing, the ends are breaking off at the same rate. So we are going to go through a few reasons why your hair might not be growing and we hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to identify your problem and grow and retain healthy hair.

Lack of Moisture 

Lack of moisture in natural hair dries it out and dryness leads to breakage which hinders hair growth. The tight curl pattern of kinky hair does not allow the natural oils from the scalp to easily reach the ends of the hair so it is important to keep your hair moisturized and to invest in some intensely moisturizing products like the Truth by Tasala Revive Deep Moisture Mask that will keep your hair healthy. At this stage adopting the LCO/LOC method (Liquid, Cream and Oil) into your hair care routine will also help to seal in the moisture.

Your ends are not properly sealed

Your ends are the oldest parts of your hair; this means they require the most care. Something that you can do to keep your hair from getting split ends or breaking off is to properly seal them which is basically locking moisture into your hair using hair oil or butter. This, along with deep conditioning your hair regularly, can help your ends to remain just as strong and healthy as your roots.

You also want to make sure you moisturize your hair before you put oil in it. Oils are sealants so if your hair is dry and you apply oil to it, you are sealing the dryness and that is going to lead to breakage.

Use of wrong hair care tools

Using poor or damaged hair tools such as small toothed combs, the wrong types of brushes, fractured bobby pins and broken hair combs can result in damage to your natural hair. Hair accessories that are damaged can snag the hair and cause breakage and using combs with smaller teeth can tangle the hair and cause split ends. Invest in a seamless wide tooth comb and brush for detangling and styling your natural hair to avoid damage.

Over manipulation

Over-manipulation of your hair whether it is with your hands, combs or brushes can cause unnecessary stress and breakage of your ends. If you find that you are always touching your hair, try wearing protective styles. Keeping your hair braided, twisted, or in a bun for a week or two will force you to keep your hands and hair tools out of it. The less your hair breaks, the less hair loss and the more length you get to retain.

You do not know your hair porosity

If you do not know whether you have low or high porosity and you do not know what products are suitable and will work for you, your hair would not grow. If you have a good hair regimen but you are not seeing any results, it may be because you do not know your hair type and your hair is not absorbing the nutrients that you are applying to your hair. Know what is your hair porosity is by testing your hair porosity.

You do not have a haircare routine

Lack of a routine or regimen tailored to your hair needs can be a major reason why your hair is unhealthy and not retaining length. There are countless products, tools, methods, and techniques for natural hair, from everyday moisturizing to deep conditioning. Many factors impact the needs of your hair such as the temperature, porosity, the hair products you use and many more. So you need a regimen that is suitable for you and most importantly adaptable to the ever-changing needs of your hair. Click here to learn how to build a regimen/routine.


Shrinkage! Kinky hair can shrink up to 75% of its length. This means that it is easy to assume that your hair is not growing when it could just be that your hair is shrinking. You may have to stretch your hair out to see the length. A very efficient heatless way to stretch your hair is using the African Threading Method.

PS: You get Free African thread when you purchase any Truth by Tasala product packages.

Health issues

Your hair growth is an indication of your overall health. Sometimes slow or no hair growth could be due to underlying health issues. It can be anything from an underactive thyroid to a hormonal imbalance to scalp issues. If you are experiencing hair thinning, hair breakage, or any other problems with your scalp, see a doctor to check for allergies, hormonal disorders and general health issues.

If after putting all of these into practice you still do not see visible growth, then you might need to see a professional. Book a consultation with Tasala. You can also Fix an Appointment at the Salon to see a professional hairstylist.

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