The Best Protective Styles For Natural Hair At TasalaHQ

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The Best Protective Styles For Natural Hair At TasalaHQ

On the journey of growing healthy natural hair, one vital style that will help with hair growth, growth retention, prevention of split ends, and reduction of knots are protective styles.  A protective style is a hairstyle that keeps the ends of your hair tucked in, stored, and protected. Protective styles reduce the manipulation of your hair, they are also a fun way to change your look while protecting your hair. Here are the best protective styles to get done at the TasalaHQ Salon

Mini Twists

Mini twists are very convenient hairstyles. This protective style is one of the most popular in the natural hair hub. It requires spitting your hair into two and creating a rope-like look by wrapping the hair around each other. This can also be done in tiny bits or chunky styles according to your preference. The twists are super easy to maintain, easy to style and can be achieved in less time than braids take. With twists, your natural hair can retain its growth and stay tangle-free. Book Mini Twists Appointment at TasalaHQ

Mini Twists TasalaHQ
Mini Twists made at Tasala Salon


Cornrows are the oldest hairstyle in the history of styling afro-textured hair. They are braided very close to the scalp and encourage restorative growth. Cornrows do not just protect your hair, it also gives you easy access to your scalp. This way, you get to treat and care for your scalp. Cornrows keep your hair tucked in to promote hair growth and retention. They are also low maintenance, you can wash and moisturize your hair while on cornrows. Book cornrows appointment at TasalaHQ

Natural Hair Conrows TasalaHQ
Cornrows being made at TasalaHQ

Flat Twists

Flat twists look a lot like cornrows but they are a combination of cornrows and twists. Flat twists naturally protect your hair by keeping your strands laid across your head in low tensions to avoid unnecessary tugging on your scalp. They are easier and faster to make and ensure that most of your hair stays tucked in. They typically last between 2 to 4 weeks. Book Flat Twist Appointment at TasalaHQ

Flat twist TasalaHQ
Flat twist made at TasalaHQ Salon


Box braids are another effective protective styling technique if you need a break from handling your natural hair. Box braids might seem like a common hairstyle but they are always at the forefront of protective styles. Box braids are made in a way that your hair is tucked in a hair extension, hence leaving out room for manipulation. One major benefit of protecting your hair via box braids is that they can last for weeks, will ensure massive hair growth, and they take minimal effort to maintain. You can also choose to style your braids in different ways if you want to change your look. Book Braids Appointment att TasalaHQ

Box Braids TasalaHQ
Box Braids made at TasalaHQ Salon

Bantu Knots

If you want a bold protective hairstyle, Bantu knots are the perfect match for your search. This hairstyle has been part of African history for 100’s of years and it is still in vogue. This hairstyle keeps your hair wrapped up and your ends tucked in. Bantu knots can be made with your natural hair or with extensions installed. They are made by twisting and wrapping your hair around itself until it forms a spiralled knot. Depending on your hair length, Bantu Knots can be done both on short and long hair. Book Bantu Knots Appointment at TasalaHQ.

Bantu Knots TasalaHQ
Bantu knots made at Tasala Salon

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-ins protect your hair from over manipulation. They are very easy to install and they provide you with the ability to change your hairstyle in an instant. This is a good choice for a protective hairstyle if you cannot be committed to permanently fitted extensions. You can leave your hair in cornrows or flat twists and use clip-ins extensions as a way to avoid over manipulation. This form of hairstyle will help in growth retention and reduce breakage. Book Clip In Hair Extension Appointment at TasalaHQ.

Natural Hair Clip In

Finger Coils

This protective hairstyle will give you a gorgeous look. Finger coils are curls made by twisting the hair around the fingers. They are best achieved using a definition lotion. They typically last for 2 weeks and can be done on any hair length and volume. It is also a very simple style to maintain. Just moisturize, oil and go. Book Finger Coils Appointment at TasalaHQ

Double Dutch/Crown Braid

This double braided style or crown braid is a style that gathers your entire hair into two braided sections and keeps it tucked away. The crown braid is a very simple and sleek protective hairstyle. It can last up to 1 – 2 weeks. Book Double Dutch Braid Appointment at Tasala.

Double Dutch Crown Braids


Another way to rock a protective style is to wear a wig. Wigs are guaranteed zero-manipulation protective styling, which in turn also helps with hair retention. Owning wigs to use over your hair will greatly help with growth increase and reduce manipulation.

Protective Styles

Hair Care Regimen for Protective Styles

  • Keep your hair very clean and avoid heavy products that can cause buildups.
  • Moisturize regulary. Use a moisturizing lotion or a leave in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized always. Our Truth by Tasala Shea Moist Leave In Conditioner moisturises and strengthens your hair and is very light weight, hence won’t leave residue or buildups.
  • Use a hair oil or butter to seal in the moisture. Our Cell Energy Stimulating Hair Oil and Shea Mango Hair Butter were specifially formulated with your hair growth in mind.
  • Protect your hair while you sleep, avoid cotton pillowcases because it sucks the moisture out of your hair and causes tangles from frictions with the material. Rather, opt for a silk or satin pillowcase, hairbonnet or scarf. Our Satin Reversible Hair Bonnet and Smooth Headband does a good job of protecting your hair and they are available in different colors.
  • After taking down a protective style, do a deep conditioning treatment or mask. The truth by Tasala Revive Deep Moisture Mask is an intense moisture infusion and tangle dissolver for dry and thirsty hair formulated with Aloe, Honey Extracts and Palm Kernel Oil, the BEST choice for your hair.

Product Recommendation for Protective Styles

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