10 Natural Hair Care Tips For Better Health And Growth

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Natural Hair Care Tips

Hi, welcome to TASALA! You’re on the best path to achieving the hair of your dreams. We are a natural hair salon in Lagos that that caters to textured hair. Afro-textured hair appears not to be the easiest form of hair to maintain. You have to be intentional about caring for it. And to care for your hair, understanding your hair type, and using what products work best for it is essential to the grooming process. So, in your journey to achieve or maintain healthy, lengthy, and voluminous hair, here are some helpful hair care tips you should incorporate into your routine. These hair care tips will guide you into achieving your desired hair goal.

Understandably, even as beautiful as your natural hair can be, it is still prone to some issues when not properly cared for. It is also important to note that some processes necessary in caring for afro-textured hair can be a friend or a foe. This means that to create a perfect regimen, you have to pay attention to what works for your hair and what doesn’t. It is also very important to note that your hair is always growing, length retention is what is key. The rate of hair growth varies individually. At almost every point, your hair is growing however there are some habits and actions that cause the new length to not be retained, so we are going to be looking at some of these habits and showing you natural hair tips and solutions to ensure you reach your hair goal.

Wear your hair with pride

Firstly, one important commitment to make with yourself and your hair is to accept your hair as it is! Whether it’s the colour of your hair or your natural curls, every style of hair is beautiful in its way. Confidence and acceptance of your hair are more important than any product, regimen, and salon appointment.

Water is very important

Every part of your body is interconnected and what you put in your body determines how these interconnected parts function. This might come as a surprise, but what you eat and how much you drink water also affects your hair growth. A well-balanced diet and a well-hydrated body will also do the trick to achieve rich, shining, and healthy hair. Water is a good supplement to hydrate your hair from the inside out. Spraying some water on your hair is also a good way to hydrate your hair on the outside. And even with the natural routine of staying hydrated to prevent you from having dry hair, you might also want to avoid being stressed, overworked, or even going on extreme diets as this might be detrimental to your hair growth.

Handle your hair in sections

Natural hair must be handled in sections. Due to the kinky nature, creating sections of your will make it easy to wash, detangle, or weave. It will also prevent breakage and painful tugging you would get if you combed the hair without putting it in sections.

Sectioning is simply separating your hair into smaller more manageable sections before you begin to do anything on it. It is important to note that sectioning works best on medium to long hair.  If your hair is very short it could get a little confusing trying to keep the sections apart. Read Here<">Learn how to wash your hair in sections

Reduce or stay completely away from heat.

You need to make effort to limit your hair’s exposure to excessive heat! There are so many heatless ways to curl and straighten your hair’s texture, it’s simply a matter of figuring out what works for you. Embracing natural texture and letting your hair breathe is one of the best steps you can take to achieving healthy hair. A good method to replace the use of heat is the use of Banding method, Bantu knots and African threading as shown in images below. The best part? You get one bundle of African Rubber Thread for FREE when you purchase any Truth by Tasala product packages.

Indulge in bi-weekly and monthly treatments. 

Take the time during the month to indulge in bi-weekly and monthly hair treatments. We suggest using a treatment once a month and letting the treatment sit on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes after shampooing in the shower. Pick up on this regimen and indulge in some new hair treatment products, like the Revive Deep Moisture Mask. This deeply moisturizing treatment is sure to bring moisture and strength back to your hair and alternate every 2 weeks with a hair conditioner like Restore Conditioner formulated with unique strengthening and moisturizing ingredients to create the perfect balance for your hair.

Switch to a Satin/Silk pillowcase or use a Satin/Silk Bonnet or Scarf.

You may not be aware of this, but the typical cotton pillowcase is damaging and drying to your hair because they are absorbent and abrasive to hair strands. Satin allows the hair to glide freely throughout the night which in turn, creates less frizz and allows you to wake up with a sleek, smooth texture or you could opt for a satin bonnet that protects your hair from your cotton sheet.

Trim your split ends

Do you trim your hair? Well, if you don’t, then you should consider this. When you start to get split ends there is no way that you can repair them. Split ends travel.  The only way to stop a split end travelling and making things worse is to trim it off.  Trimming your hair is one of the most effective methods you should consider to achieve lengthy and healthy hair. It helps to get rid of the thinner and damaged hair hence, encouraging new growth. Click here to book a trimming session at Tasala.

Trimming natural hair

Embrace your shrinkage

A lot of people generally dislike shrinkage but shrinkage are actually good as they’re a sign of healthy hair. The more your hair shrinks it means that water is being nicely absorbed which is what it needs because natural hair is naturally dry so you always have to always combat dryness with lots of moisture. If you have natural hair and when you wet it your hair does not shrink then it is likely that you have some heat or chemical damage going on or it could be that your hair is not able to absorb moisture well enough, that is low porosity. In all, embrace your shrinkage it’s a very healthy sign for your hair and one you should want to keep.

Natural Hair Shrinkage

Wear Protective Styles

Protective styles are an essential part of healthy hair care. Putting your hair away in protective styles is one of the best things you can do to grow healthy hair cause it reduces manipulation and keeps your ends, which are the oldest part of your hair tucked away, hence reducing breakage. At the same time, protective styles still require some daily and weekly care. Leaving your weave or braids in without any maintenance is counterproductive to wearing a protective style. Here are few protective styles made at the Tasala Salon in Lagos.

Schedule regular hair salon appointments

When last did you go for your regular salon appointments and trims? This is your year of healthy hair and maintenance so first things first—book yourself a salon appointment. While it’s great to book that initial appointment, it’s also important to regularly maintain and touch-up appointments at the salon throughout the year for professional treatments and trims. We recommend booking a hair appointment every 4-8 weeks to keep your hair strong and healthy.

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